Iceland Day 1

July 10, 2017

My 23rd birthday weekend adventure in Iceland!  Although, I experienced a short layover here back in April, there was no time for exploring.  However, this trip was scheduled during their 24 hours of daylight. This allowed us to tour into the night hours, thus extending our weekend vacay.

Iceland is difficult to describe. The main cities remind me of Europe, the countryside… a mix of Kawaii and Ireland (with LESS people)..and the weather, unpredictable. One minute, it’s sunny 50 degrees  (their warm summer) and the next, windy and rainy.

Our first destination pictured was Bláskógabyggð. Glad to have GPS with names like this!  Although not pictured, our second stop was Flúðir home to Secrete Lagoon Hot Springs. Comparing this to the Blue Lagoon that Iceland is famous for, I prefer Secrete Lagoon. Blue Lagoon is larger, nicer facilities and future home to a 5 star hotel, but it also has the crowds. Secrete Lagoon is Iceland’s oldest, authentic swimming pool, and a great traditional, less crowded, Icelandic experience.

Last up is Jökulsárlón the Glacier Lagoon. This is the furthest point up the coast we ventured. This glaciers are GORGEOUS. Remember, this is SUMMER in Iceland. This lagoon flows into the Atlantic Ocean and leaves huge chunks of ice on the black sand beach. After visiting this lagoon, head across the street to the beach to see the ice on the shore. Surely not tempted to swim in that water!

Stay tuned for Iceland..Day 2 🙂



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