June 10, 2016

Nothing is better then a tropical getaway for your birthday, am I right?

My first trip to Cancun, Mexico was a bittersweet experience. The Finest Playa Mujeres is an all- inclusive resort that has 10 pools, 12 restaurants and 16 bars/lounges with wonderful 24 hour room service. Be prepared to gain a few pounds đŸ˜‰

Upon arrival, we were greeted warmly and sincerely and felt immediately at home. The weather was an ideal 85 degrees with only occasional warm rain, which is my personal favorite. A complication with tropical destinations however, is spontaneous thunder storms. Unfortunately, as we were ready to depart, one hindered our exit. This resulted in a lovely night of sleeping in the airport for 16 longgg hours. Even with this unexpected delay, we had a truly spectacular time in a picture- perfect destination. We are thankful to be home with wonderful memories!


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