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July 9, 2016

I love long weekends where I can travel for 2 hours and have a perfect getaway.  Kayla, a dear high school friend, joined me for this adventure. Destination…The Parker Hotel!  It has always peaked my interest for its unique indoor/outdoor decor. The grounds are fun to meander. Without signs, we were constantly getting lost in gorgeous areas.  We discovered tennis courts, hammocks, croquette, lemonade stands, water fountains, pools, and even a secret garden with white bunnies. While the weather was HOT ( 115 degrees hot!), I can’t wait to return!!!

IMG_6768IMG_7289 IMG_7291IMG_7286 IMG_7287IMG_7315 IMG_7316IMG_7290

Unfortunately, I have no photos of the adorable lemonade stand.  However, here are two images from the internet so you can appreciate it!

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