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Reine, Norway

July 1, 2019

Reine, the little fishing village at the tip of Norway. Population 314. The peaceful slice of heaven first caught my eye in a photography magazine when I was younger. The fjords and little red houses built on stilts were so photogenic. I have always loved finding places to vacation that are slightly off the beaten path but Reine was never one of those places I actually thought I would get a change to go to. Mainly due to the fact that it was a 20 hour drive and 3 hour ferry ride from Oslo. Of course my brothers were up for the challenge. With a limited knowledge of the area and almost no itinerary we headed off to explore this cold island.

We stayed in a classic cabin for a week that had no TV and very very limited hot water. No restaurants were open since it was off season (not like they had many restaurants out there anyway haha) and the grocery store was about 20 minutes away and only open for a few hours daily. Our only itinerary was to just drive. We experienced sunshine, overcast, rain and even snow within those few days. While this was in no way a 5 star hotel glamorous trip, it was one of the most beautiful scenic (and peaceful) places I have ever been.

and now for a few iPhone photos…

This last one is a bit blurry since it was taken with the drone (and this was my first time flying it myself) but this is a good visual of the land how the Lofoten Islands are small but connected.