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September 15, 2019

And some iPhone photos…..

Day 1: We drove straight to rive Yoho National Park. A vibrant and quiet little lake off to the side of all the national parks (Yoho is actually part of British Columbia while most of Banff is all Alberta) 

Then we headed to Fairmont lake Louise to have a formal dinner at the Fairview restaurant which is new to the Fairmont hotel. We opted to have dinner in the bar area instead of the formal dining room. I was obsessed with the bar decor. Our drink recommendation is the milk punch which is not officially on the menu as of now but is such a tasty treat. It taste like a pina colada shot. 

Day 2: Breakfast at Trailhead Cafe which had great bagel sandwiches and vegan granola bars!!! Then headed to Moraine Lake…this is the most tricky lake at Banff. To get a parking spot you need to get there before 5am. We enjoyed canoeing on the lake for an hour. 

Our next lake was Peyto lake. Its a bit of a hike but once you hit first viewpoint, don’t stop. Keep taking the path to the left and then take your first dirt parth on your right going down. This takes you to an unmarked but amazing viewport that’s way less crowded. 

Day 3 

  • Takakkaw falls. This is a nice and easy flat 15 min walk to the falls from the car park. 
  • Lake Minnewanka and two jack lakes are also great day trip place for all things water sports. People bring canoes and stand up paddle boards to two jack lake and Lake Minnewanka is perfect for boats. 

For dinner we went into Banff town for the most amazing food of the entire trip. We ate at The Bison restaurant which is a wonderful locally sourced seasonal menu place that specialized in bison. Make sure to make reservations ahead a time for this gem. Our order was Elk Poutine for a starter and then our Mains were Bison short ribs, Ribeyes and stiploins and truly some of the best meat I have ever had!!! 

While this was my 4th time in Banff, it was just as magical as the first time..I highly recommend this place as one of my top destinations in the world!! 



March 21, 2017

My last snow trip to Canada! Although chilly -1 celsius,  the snow on the trees and ground was melting. We stayed at the Fairmont Banff in Banff National Park, about an hour outside the Fairmont Lake Louise of my previous trip. This fairytale hotel is a castle built into the mountain which makes a gorgeous backdrop for hundreds of weddings that occur here every year.  Would love a hotel like this in California.





October 2, 2016

I promised you pictures from my Banff trip to Peyto Lake.  Banff National Park is considered part of the Canadian Rockies.  This was ultimately one of the most naturally, beautiful views I have ever seen. Only a short hike to the top but didn’t want to leave.  The background looks unreal and makes the ideal Christmas card.  Hope your enjoyment of the pictures comes close to my love of this destination.  You know I love it when this is my second trip in 5 months, and am anticipating another! It’s a taste of the beauty I anticipate in heaven!

img_1442 img_1443 img_1444 img_1445 img_1446 img_1450 img_1451 img_1452

For contrast, I have included a few pictures of my March visit.

img_3569 img_3571

Location: Peyto Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta Canada






September 6, 2016

After a trip to Banff last March, I knew I would return. While I adore the snow, I prefer to see the crystal blue waters that Lake Louise is known for.  Having a 3 day holiday weekend, I booked a quick trip. The photos below are from the first evening at the Fairmont Chateau, Lake Louise. More photos to come from this trip 🙂


Sweater: Wildfox // Jacket: BCBG // Hair: Brittney Davis





May 23, 2016

WOW!  This was such a remarkable vacation!  I would recommend this trip to EVERYONE.  I decided to take my mom on a little mid-week getaway to Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada.  I kept our itinerary simple and based everything around dog sledding.  This was a dream come true for me.  Being a proud owner of two huskies, I’ve felt a calling to create my own dog sledding team.  Ok!  Ok!  Not really, but I have always wanted to experience it.  Our guide was Kingmik Dog Sled Tours, very informative and such an enjoyable ride through the gorgeous national park.  The Fairmont Lake Louise was a picture perfect hotel.  Pictures of this hotel will entice you to visit during any season.  Banff National Park has abundant hiking and site seeing which will keep everyone entertained. Such a successful mother-daughter trip.  I hope to return soon.  Enjoy the pictures!!


xo, A