November 15, 2016

From my blog you can discern that I love adventure…. whether it’s catching a flight for a cross country trip or somewhere closer to home.  However, my latest idea included coercing 4 friends and 2 dogs on a 6.5 hour drive to Yosemite.  (Unfortunately my passengers thought it was a 4 hour trip to the Sequoias.)  This venture started at 1 am as we all piled into my Tahoe.  The dogs thought it necessary to enjoy the view with heads out the window.  We made it to the entrance of the park around sunrise and watched the fog lift over the valley. We hiked and explored for a few hours. The dogs made friends with the tourists who asked to ‘pet the wildlife’ . With the spectacular fall colors and 55 degrees, Yosemite was absolutely gorgeous.

By late afternoon even my crazy energetic pups were exhausted.  With traffic, we arrived home in 8 hours.  Once inside, the dogs slept 16 hours.

Yosemite is one of my favorite camping locations.  Next year, I’d like to return in an RV.  The pups should be older and hopefully not interested in chasing every single squirrel!!




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