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New York Itinerary

December 2, 2017

Trying to plan a perfect girls getaway? look no futhur then NEW YORK CITY!!!! Since this was our second time visiting the city, I thought I would make a list of highlights from our trips (aka a perfect itinerary for a girls weekend in New York).

1. Walk around central and take a boat out on the lake (The Loeb Boathouse)

2. Go up to the top of Rockefeller center. The views are stunning!!!!

3. Visit the Flatiron building. Bonus: Its located right by the restaurant Eataly!!

4. Visit Brooklyn!  (The first photo is the view of Manhattan Bridge from a street in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Photo two is walking on Brooklyn Bridge)

5. Go to the National History Museum. This museum is HUGE and you could definitely spend a solid day or two just exploring. If you have watched Night at the Museum you will love spotting all the different characters and artifacts that were in the movie.

6. See a play!!! This was my first time seeing a play in New York and we just happened to get opening night tickets for the famous Rockettes. The play was phenomenal.  The outfits and dancing really put me in the christmas spirit.

7. Pick a fun hotel! First decide which area you prefer to be closest too. For us we wanted to focus on central park and 5th ave. We ended up staying at Le Parker Meridian. It had a wonderful view of central park and a great little bar downstairs that is perfect for late night chats over a nice glass of wine.

 The best time to visit is around November (in my opinion). The weather is chilly and you can wear all your cute layers BUT its not snowing yet which makes it a lot easier to walk/drive around. This is also the perfect time to visit since all department stores are already decorating for Christmas and The Rockefeller Center christmas tree gets delivered.

If you are looking for restaurant recommendations, my two favorite places are Sarabeths and Eataly. If you have any recommendations for my next trip leave it in the comments!!!!



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November 28, 2016

Our last stop…Dumbo, Brooklyn.

Have I mentioned my love for New York? Each area is so different and a photographer’s dream. While I enjoy living in Orange County, I long for a variety of local spots for photoshoots. Tempted to move to New York City for it’s endless photogenic buildings within walking distance. Yet, I am NOT a big city girl.

I’ve included photos from my walking tour of Dumbo and my new favorite ride, the SeaGlass Carousel. Being skeptical of paying $5 for a kid’s ride, I was not disappointed. It was a magical carousel. You need to experience it to understand.  Loved the melody it played.  Would so enjoy falling asleep to it each night!

This concludes my final post from my girl’s trip with Larissa. Although this being my first trip to this city, it certainly will not be my last.  So glad my initial impression included Fall in Central Park. The icing on the cake was having everything decorated for Christmas.  Such a perfect trip!!!




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November 26, 2016

Enjoyed sightseeing in New York. First stop was the unique Flatiron building in Manhattan. Although interesting to look at, more important is the delicious establishment next store. EATALY!!! Known for its Italian markets and seven restaurants, I wish I could of tried them all!  The food is authentic… actually better than half of what I consumed in Italy.  My appetizer was Prosciutto con Mozzarella, with an entree of  house made potato gnocchi with tomato sauce, smoked ricotta and parsley. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

 Next stop was Top of the Rock where we enjoyed a breathtaking 360º degree view from 70 floors up. Such beautiful clear blue skies!

Such a picturesque trip. Can’t wait to come back!!






November 17, 2016


Before Fall ends, I’m trying to visit as many places possible. It’s my favorite season, yet Southern California is forever stuck in summer. Of course, New York is a prime destination with its gorgeous Central Park. My first day in the city was spent walking around it until sunset. After hours, we barely covered even half of the park. Wouldn’t you love  this Central Park in your neighborhood?



Sweater: Madewell // Jacket: Burberry // Fur: Zara // Leggings: Alo // Boots: Stuart Weitzman